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Software wizard speeds electrode cutting

August 23, 2008

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Software wizard speeds electrode cutting

At December?s EuroMold show in Frankfurt, Germany, Delcam previewed the next version of PS-Electrode, its software module for accelerating the creation of electrodes. Among the improvements is automated generation of setup sheets for machining and applying electrodes as Excel spreadsheets or HTML files. Previously, they could only be drawings, which is still an option.

Integrated with the company?s PowerShape hybrid modeling software, PS-Electrode is a wizard program that guides the designer through the electrode design process with prompts and choices that prevent omissions, and it simultaneously speeds up the process by providing a full array of correct choices with a click. The wizard allows the designer to continue only after all necessary choices have been made, thus preventing omissions.

The new version of PS-Electrode supports easy direct importing of suppliers? databases of CAD models for blanks and holders, which are added to the user?s library. The new version includes a comprehensive catalog of Erowa blanks and holders, added to the previously available Hirschman and System 3R lines. Also, any item designed by the user can be incorporated into the library.PS-Electrode previously included auto-trimming of the electrode blank to avoid collisions with nearby surfaces. It now also simulates the action of the electrode for extra security. The software can combine different sections into one electrode or add geometry such as ribs, alignment notches, or fillets to ensure a smooth transition away from the tool surface.The designer can step out of the automated wizard process at any point to make design adjustments, or to generate an electrode design and mirror or duplicate it for other areas of the mold?and just as easily reenter the wizard to continue in automated mode.?RN

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