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Sprue picker, parts handler

September 1, 2003

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Sprue picker, parts handler

The Mini Servo is an all servodriven sprue picker and parts handler used for more than just simple sprue removal. The Mini Servo can extract sprues and parts and then deposit them on either side of the injection machine. Because the Mini Servo is servodriven on the x-, y/z-, and a-axes rotation, it has infinite positioning for stop points within a single program.The picker can position and pause over the mold for faster takeout times, unlike a pneumatic picker, which has to travel the full stroke of the drive cylinder. All of the axes can be freely programmed and positioned for ease of setup. The picker can store 98 programs and comes with a standard angular gripper, a vacuum circuit with monitoring, and a pressure circuit. It?s equipped with a b-axis 0 to 90° rotation and a 500-mm sliding console to ease mold changes, and all standard Euromap-12 signals.The repeating accuracy of the Mini Servo is ±.1 mm on the x- and y-axes and ±.1° on the a-axis rotation. The power required is 230/115 VAC (50/60 Hz).

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