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August 23, 2008

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Superior IntElect

Attendees at NPE 2003 got a sneak preview of the prototype, but attendees at Plastics USA 2004 in Chicago this September got to see the real thing?a working model of Demag Plastics Group?s all-electric, direct-drive IntElect Series molding machines. A 110-tonner molded HIPS 2.71 connectors in two-cavity tooling in 16-second cycles.

More traditional belt-driven IntElects are available on larger models, but the smaller versions (55 to 165 tons) are direct drives?synchronous, high-torque, water-cooled direct drives, that is. Direct drives have fewer moving parts. That means fewer moving parts that can wear out. And that means less time and money wasted on maintenance that belt-driven servodriven presses may require.

Mold opening and closing is powered by a high-torque motor on the fixed platen, which transmits rotation through a ballscrew to the toggle to move the moving platen.

IntElects uses what Demag sources call the company?s ?global machine control system,? the NC4. Injection and holding pressure profiles can be entered in stepped or polygonal profiles at 10 points each.?CK

Demag Plastics Group, Strongsville, OH
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