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Uncommonly strong pull with rare earth magnets

April 1, 2007

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Uncommonly strong pull with rare earth magnets

This longtime industrial magnet supplier is now entering the plastics industry with this new range of sight glass magnets, claimed to offer injection molders a cost-effective alternative to more expensive drawer magnets. These rare earth magnets capture and hold ferrous and work-hardened stainless tramp metal from plastics as they flow from a hopper to an injection molding machine, with accumulated metal easily viewed through the sight glass. The firm says these magnets out-pull ceramic magnets 20 to 1, and aluminum/nickel magnets by even more. All magnets are clad in 304 stainless and configured in four sizes to fit sight glasses from 1.75-2.5 inch in diameter. There is no extra charge when a custom design is required to fit a specific application. Cesco, Santa Rosa, CA; 1 877-624-8727; www.cescomagnetics.com

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