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Underpress grinder

October 1, 2003

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Underpress grinder

The Chesaw MC Series underpress grinder fits under most 50-inch-wide industry trim presses. It is powered from installed circuitry in an end-user?s TP cabinet, and has an optional feed-control function. The machine granulates trim press skeletons, trimmed scrap parts, and formed-in web scrap. The 20-hp drive powers the churn roll feed and multitooth cutting knives. The combination 7.5-hp discharge blower outputs to the plant recycling function (700 to 1000 cfm), and recirculates air for process augmentation. With a 3/8-inch screen, output capacities are 700 to 1100 lb/hr for foamed plastics, and rigid plastics can also be processed.

Irwin Research and Development Inc., Yakima, WA
(509) 248-0194; www.irwinresearch.com

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