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Vacuum EOAT handles bulky parts

Amie Chitwood

October 29, 2008

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Vacuum EOAT handles bulky parts

Bulky and heavy parts can be reliably handled without damage using SAS Automation’s (Xenia, OH) new modular Vacuum Handling System line of robotic end-of-arm tooling, according to the company. Each gripper has one valve that is auto-regulated to open and close, and the gripping power remains constant to offer improved lifting. The system manages parts that are difficult for standard grippers, including soft, flexible, porous, twisted, or other nonstandard shapes. The vacuum handling system is designed to be energy efficient, with the turbine consuming 30% of normal power levels in release position, and for compressed air, only consuming Venturi power in pickup mode. The system can handle weights up to 614 lb/ft2 and the multiple heads configured in series require only one turbine.

SAS Automation LLC

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