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Wear-resistant alloy offers weld line strengthWear-resistant alloy offers weld line strength

August 23, 2008

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Wear-resistant alloy offers weld line strength

Lubriloy RW, a lubricated nylon 6/6 alloy composite, features a weld line strength comparable to a standard lubricated nylon 6/6, but offers good impact strength and moisture absorption. According to the manufacturer, it retains 98 percent of its strength at the weld line and features enhanced mechanical properties over traditional nylons and alloys.

Lubriloy RW reportedly has better impact strength (notched Izod is 2.60 ft-lb/inch compared to .80 ft-lb/inch for standard lubricated nylon 6/6 and .90 ft-lb/inch for neat nylon 6/6) and moisture absorption (.94 percent compared to standard lubricated nylon 6/6, which is 1.30 percent, and neat nylon 6/6, which is 1.50 percent). Designed for low wear and friction applications such as gears, actuators, wear pads, bushings, and bearings, Lubriloy RW features a proprietary, patented lubricant alloy instead of a traditional lubricant like PTFE. Lubriloy RW costs about 10 percent less compared to a nylon 6/6 with a traditional lubricant such as PTFE.LNP Engineering Plastics
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