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Wide platens now offered standard on machinesWide platens now offered standard on machines

August 23, 2008

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Wide platens now offered standard on machines

In response to the increasing need for larger platens and extended tiebar spacing, particularly in the injection molding of automotive parts, Sandretto USA is now offering wide platens as the standard configuration on its Mega T series machines up to 1100 tons for the U.S. market. Previously, wide platens were available only as an option on those models, and as a result, molders had to wait for custom-built machines.

The Mega T machines feature improved clamping unit specifications at shorter lead times. Square platen configurations are still available but are now built on an as-ordered basis for U.S. customers. The recently expanded 1430-ton Mega T machine is currently only available with square platens, but a wide platen version is in the works. The Mega T series, which starts at 610 tons and goes up to the 1430-ton model, ranges in price from $325,000 to $790,000.Additionally, the Mega TE series machines (derived from the Mega T series, but fitted with an electric screw drive and accumulators) are offered in the square platen configuration as standard. Wide platens in this series are available as an option for molders who need more tiebar space for running larger, multicavity stack molds. These mold types are common in many packaging applications. Sandretto USA Inc.
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