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X-ray scanner measures multilayer pipes layer by layer

Formerly known as Hammel Maskinfabrik A/S, SCITEQ, which is short for scientific test equipment, will display quality control lab equipment for pipes and fittings. The company's pressure-testing systems include the SCITEQ2000 for airless, internal-pressure test systems to run hydrostatic pressure testing. In addition the company supplies burst modules, thermo tanks, ovens, and a variety of end closures.

MPW Staff

September 8, 2010

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X-ray scanner measures multilayer pipes layer by layer

New for SCITEQ (Stand 11H09) is the X-ACT range of x-ray scanning technology to measure either single layer, multilayer, or composite pipes on-line. The patented technology can measure individual layer thicknesses, densities, and ovality of most single or multilayer pipe constructions.

Part of the company's display will include the latest version of X-ACT system: the TwinEye. SCITEQ says it is the only machine of its kind that can measure over 360°, as well as individual layers on multilayer pipes or single-wall constructions.

Also new is the SCITEQ-2000 Series 2, which has an updated control unit, the S40, which replaces the S12 controller. The new controller reportedly has new functionalities that will make pressure testing easier and more efficient.

The equipment is based on modules that can fit into a 24-inch cabinet with a 800-by-800-mm footprint. The modularity allows expansion with the capability to add more pressure stations according to customer needs. One cabinet contains up to 50 (60 on request) individual pressure stations. Additional modules can include the PowerPack, SUB, BASE, BURST, and Cyclic systems that allow static, stair-case burst, and cyclic pressures tests to be performed using one system. Optional PC-SCITEQ software allows operation and data logging of all test parameters, with printable test reports available. With or without PC-SCITEQ software, the system offers the user an intuitive interface. A touch-panel design-line stand for pressure test control and surveillance will debut at the K.

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