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PolyOne enters LFT business

Article-PolyOne enters LFT business

The number of potential long-fiber thermoplastic (LFT) compound suppliers has jumped by one more as plastics compounder PolyOne (Cleveland, OH) announced the global launch of its OnForce LFT compound range.

According to PolyOne, these LFT compounds retain their performance and properties across a temperature range from -20°C to 160°C. Craig Nikrant, vice president and general manager at PolyOne Specialty Engineered Materials, says, “We have been listening closely to what our customers say about the challenges they face, along with the innovation and materials they require to meet market pressures in today’s challenging environment. OnForce LFT compounds are another example of PolyOne’s ability to address design, processing, and market needs in developing new materials that help our customers win today and tomorrow.”

OnForce LFT compounds can be processed on standard injection molding machines and are available with a variety of matrix materials including PP, PA66, and TPU and with glass and/or carbon fibers, reports PolyOne. Several grades now in development will use engineering thermoplastics PPA and PPS as the matrix material so that these compounds can see use in high-heat applications.

As reported earlier by PlasticsToday, Sabic Innovative Plastics recently announced the expansion of its long-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) compound operations in North America through the acquisition of RheTech Inc.’s (Whitmore Lake, MI) RheMax product line and a toll manufacturing agreement with the company for Sabic’s own line of Stamax LGF-PP compounds. [email protected]

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