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December 1, 2006

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Bumper fascia requires demanding resin grade

French automotive manufacturer Renault has selected Exxtral BMU133 polypropylene (PP) from this manufacturer for the front bumper fascia of its latest Espace multipurpose vehicle. Renault&146;s Tier One supplier, Plastic Omnium, decided the filled PP grade offers good fluidity (MFR 15/10 min) for speedy injection. This also means the pressure needed in the mold cavity can be reduced. The material produces a smooth surface appearance free of &147;tiger stripes&148; that Plastic Omnium says is ideal for painting. The resin maker is also offering its grade CMV205, a 20% mineral-filled PP that has a balance of stiffness and impact resistance, for the car&146;s instrument panel accessories. These require good surface finish and dimensional stability during the service life of the vehicle. ExxonMobil Chemical, Houston, TX, USA; +1 281-870-6000; www.exxonmobilchemical.com

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