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Clear, tough soft-touch resin

August 23, 2008

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Clear, tough soft-touch resin

DMP_APA_Alcryn_Ionpen.gifYou may recall the introduction of A.T. Cross?s Ion pen several years ago. It featured an innovative design with a polycarbonate shell and propylene-based TPE soft grip. In 2003, the TPE was replaced due to swelling issues when the material came in contact with skin oil and lotion. For the switch, designers chose Alcryn MPR (melt-processible rubber) in a translucent grade called 2165TR.

Advanced Polymer Alloys (a division of Ferro Corp.), which produces Alcryn MPR, recently announced a new clear grade during the Rubber Expo 2003 in Cleveland. Dubbed 2060CL, the material bonds well to flexible PVC, and is available in a 60 Shore A durometer.According to Jeff Senich, business development manager for APA, the material processes easily in injection molding equipment, with no drying required, and provides greater durability and resistance to elements like oils than other clear TPEs. ?For low-temperature flexibility and abrasion and chemical resistance, this product is unmatched,? says Senich. ?It also has a higher coefficient of friction than competitive materials, so it can provide tool grips that prevent slipping due to hand perspiration.? The material also reportedly stands up to cleaning agents and UV exposure.

APA literature reports several added features of Alcryn MPR: It is fully thermoplastic and requires no vulcanization, predrying, or compounding prior to processing; scrap can be recycled without significant performance degradation; and it bonds well with TPUs, copolyesters, PC, ABS, and PC/ABS alloys.

Clarity is a major factor differentiating the new grade. Because of their formulations, 60 Shore A durometer clear grades are not available in TPUs, another competitive class of elastomeric materials. ?Alcryn MPR 2060CL combines clarity and soft touch with toughness and the ability to be tinted,? adds Senich.

Anticipated applications include watchbands, computer and electronic devices, personal care products, and toys. ?Durability and resistance to skin oils and lotions are the niche,? he says. ?Living hinges, for example, molded from this material will have more flex fatigue resistance.?

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