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Dri-Air Industries offers advanced control, simplifies system operation to help keep resin dry

In the old days, the advice that people got was, "keep your powder dry." In today's plastics processing industry, it's "keep your resin dry." One of the keys to molding optimum parts is ensuring that the resin is dry; with today's advances in dryers and controls, keeping your resin dry has become a whole lot easier.

Clare Goldsberry

May 13, 2015

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Dri-Air Industries offers advanced control, simplifies system operation to help keep resin dry

Dri-Air Industries Inc. (Windsor, CT), a leader in compressed air and desiccant drying technology, recently introduced the E-PLUS series dryers, which feature a new, proprietary control system that simplifies dryer operation and maintenance and maximizes throughput. Designed for simplicity, ease of use and visibility from a distance, the E-PLUS dryer controls have a long list of features.

They offer faster, more complete drying of plastics with what the company says is "unmatched energy efficiency." A new parabolic tower design, unique heater configuration and optimized air flow maximize moisture pickup for ultra-low dew points, faster drying and dramatically reduced regeneration energy usage. Greater hopper insulation further improves the energy efficiency of these dryers, even when processing the most challenging, hard-to-dry plastics.

The control's large, bright display is easily visible from a distance of 20 feet or more. A simple master screen displays all key operating information at a glance in a bold, easy-to-read format. Easily accessed from the master screen, additional screens simplify the setting and monitoring of a seven-day timer, alarms, temperatures and setbacks, loader control functions, maintenance alerts and spare parts ordering.

An optional Hopper Management System constantly measures material levels using a laser and displays the information on the main control screen. This allows the screen to be used as an adjustable fill control and low-material alarm. In addition, setting the drying temperature by selecting the type of material allows the control to calculate and display hopper contents in pounds or kilos.

Control service screens show internal temperatures and other parameters, reducing maintenance times. Graphic screens show the location of failed components, as well as part numbers of all major components for streamlined ordering.

Dri-Air's E-PLUS dryers come in three sizes with drying capacities of 25, 50 or 100 pounds/hour. The dryer has only one moving part, facilitating maintenance, and all components are easily accessible. A closed-loop loader gate keeps dried material in the drying hopper and cleanout line for every cycle. A spring-loaded slide gate closes the outlet of the hopper automatically and is fitted with a handle to allow access for hopper cleaning.

Additionally, the company's new DRI-LINK app--Yes! There's an app for that!--allows dryer monitoring and control from a smartphone, tablet or other portable device. Dryer information can also be transferred to centralized systems for real-time monitoring or control.

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