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November 1, 2006

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Resin drying and desiccant regeneration in one operation

A rotating wheel dryer continuously moves dry desiccant into service while regenerating saturated desiccant in the same rotational cycle. The NovaWheel dryer is said to be simpler, more compact, and less expensive than twin-tower dryers. It?s also said to exhibit less variation in dewpoint than other wheel dryers because models of all sizes use a steel link drive chain instead of a belt to drive the desiccant wheel. Belt drives can become distorted and slip, causing rotation speed and dewpoint performance to vary from target settings.

The NovaWheel dryer carries out adsorption and regeneration simultaneously in a single, continuous operation. The cylindrical wheel in the dryer contains desiccant-impregnated honeycomb that is divided into three sections. Air from the resin hopper that has been cooled and filtered goes through a blower and then is split into two streams, one passing through the moisture-removal section of the desiccant wheel, the other through the purge section, where desiccant that has already been regenerated is now cooled down. At the same time, a stream of hot air passing through the third section regenerates the desiccant in that section.

Novatec, Baltimore, MD
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