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May 1, 2002

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Resin extrusion, inspection system

NP_DavisSt_LasorSys.jpgThe Killion extruder from Davis-Standard combined with the Eagle Gel Counter from Lasor/Systronics is a complete resin extrusion and inspection system for the lab or pilot line. The compact system can be used with Windows and categorizes a variety of defects.

The gel counting system is designed to give a statistical analysis of gels and other defects in extruded plastic film. Optical inspection of the extruded film is an effective and consistent method of quality grading on a random sampling of resin or compound. The system is suitable for laboratory use or research and development on a pilot line. All data can be printed, stored on disk, or transferred over a network to a host computer.

Advanced defect classification software allows the operator to distinguish gels from other defects such as water spots or other problems.

Applications for the system include inspection of polyolefins, polystyrenes, PVC, thermoplastic polyesters, engineered resins, and compounds. The system has a 5000-pixel, charge-coupled device (CCD) camera for high resolution, imaging, and processing. An industrial decoder, a back light designed for gel detection, defect visualization, and advanced defect classification are also included.

The Eagle Gel Counting system has a high resolution video graphics adapter (VGA) monitor or an optional touch-screen monitor available with a GUI. It operates on a Pentium PC with an advanced image processing board and custom software. Defect classification software allows the operator to distinguish gels from other defects based on characteristics. The system's modem provides offsite diagnostics and support. Data outputs provide gel counts for trends over time or length intervals.

Lasor/Systronics, Norcross, GA
(770) 449-7776

Davis-Standard Corp., Pawcatuck, CT
(860) 599-1010

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