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August 21, 2003

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Resins improve film extrusion

Kynar Flex PPA resins from Atofina Chemicals Inc. offer a range of fluorinated processing aids to improve extrusion of LLDPE, mPE, and PP films when used at 200 to 800 ppm addition levels. Kynar Flex PPA is reportedly effective in HDPE or XLPE pipe extrusion. The resins are said to eliminate or minimize the effects of melt instability that can occur during high-shear extrusion. As a processing aid, Kynar Flex PPA is mainly used in the form of a masterbatch. Resins are available as powders or pellets and all grades are thermoplastic polymers. Atofina Chemicals Inc., Technical Polymers, 2000 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19103 www.kynar.com.

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