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RIM molder launches Premold Process for medical housing clients

Article-RIM molder launches Premold Process for medical housing clients

Premold Corp. (Oconomowoc, WI), which provides reaction injection molding (RIM) services to make plastics housings for medical equipment, has launched its Premold Process, a trademarked, proprietary package of services that helps medical OEMs create stylized housings more efficiently and with high quality.

"Medical equipment manufacturers are continually looking for ways to produce stylized enclosures and housings more efficiently while maintaining high quality standards," said Doug Culbertson, VP at Premold. "Our unique, collaborative approach allows us to address potential problems before production, resulting in better fit-ups and a more cost-effective solution." 

The Premold Process provides clients with three related services. First is design consultation: guidance on optimizing part design for the RIM process, converting designs from other more costly processes, for example pressure forming, and ensuring that assemblies meet design specs precisely.

The second component is detailed engineering: A proactive approach to addressing potential production problems and advising the client on how to lower part and tooling costs with no sacrifice in quality. It includes carrying the quality and cost controls through the production process.

The third component is comprehensive manufacturing solutions. That is based on Premold's vertically-integrated production system in its ISO 9001-certified facility that includes tool-building, prototype development, molding, painting, decorating, EMI coating, and sub-assembly services.

"Premold's broad capabilities and unparalleled RIM experience allow us to take on complex projects and deliver predictable results," adds Culbertson. "Clients are able to focus on their core technologies, leaving the rest to us."  

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