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Industry innovators and Canadian research institutions are invited to help further global efforts in sustainable plastics management.

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A longtime advocate of sustainability, Nova Chemicals Corp. is stepping up its engagement with the circular economy a notch by launching the Centre of Excellence for Plastics Circularity at its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. The center is described as a “network of industry innovators and Canadian research institutions who have a shared vision of furthering global efforts in sustainable plastics management.”

To further Canadian innovation and achieve global sustainability goals while meeting customer needs, Nova Chemicals has articulated two key objectives for the center:

  • Foster R&D collaboration across disciplines, including material science, engineering, chemistry, environmental science, and public policy to address the challenges and opportunities of plastics circularity.

  • Bring about integrated value-chain solutions that meet the needs of stakeholders by actively working with strategic partners across industry, academia, and government to deliver practical and scalable technologies.

“We welcome innovators from across Canada and beyond to join us in developing scalable solutions for the world’s most complex plastics challenges,” said Nova President and CEO Roger Kearns. “NOVA has an established reputation for working with others to spearhead innovation, and we are excited to continue bridging gaps between leading-edge ideas and commercially viable technologies.”

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Alongside the opening of the Centre of Excellence for Plastics Circularity, Nova Chemicals is launching a Call for Expression of Interest and is inviting Canadian research institutions focused on mechanical recycling, advanced recycling, and microplastics to bring their expertise. Applications are now being accepted through April 19, 2024. Applicants will be notified on May 30.

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