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Syscon-PlantStar signs manufacturer rep for southwest U.S. and northern Mexico

Syscon-PlantStar (South Bend, IN) announced that it has engaged the services of Rebel Plastics to market and support PlantStar's real-time data acquisition systems for plastics molding industries in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. David Davidson is the owner of Rebel Plastics, an independent sales company based in Tyler, TX.

Gary Benedix, Vice President of Syscon-PlantStar, commented, "I've worked with David in the past and found him to be very knowledgeable of the plastics industry in the U.S. and Mexico. He is very well equipped to carry PlantStar to the molding community in these market areas."

Syscon-PlantStar notes that its products are "ideally suited" for U.S.-based companies with facilities in Mexico. "It's very difficult to monitor what is happening in a manufacturing facility that is thousands of miles away based on paper or verbal accounts," said Benedix. "Our systems allow managers in the U.S. to see real-time data gathered directly from the equipment on the shop floor in their Mexico facility."

Mexico's manufacturing sector, particularly in the automotive industry, is growing rapidly. Benedix told PlasticsToday that in his experience working with companies south of the border they are working very hard to improve their overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). "That includes measurements of machine availability, quality and performance," he said. "The more real time they can have those calculations, the more effectively they can operate their factories.

"Additionally, many of them want to track their labor efficiencies. I love to quote one of our long-time customers, Dale Evans, the owner of Evco Plastics, who once told me that if he can control his machine availability, his material costs through reduction in scrap and his labor costs, he knows his company is making money."

For any company, the ability to see what is happening on its plant floor in real time and integrate the information into productive and profitable processes is a competitive advantage. Medical parts manufacturers, for example, can take advantage of Syscon-PlantStar's ability to help facilities meet or exceed FDA certification requirements with traceability through bar-coding, process analysis and recording; reporting of labor and materials; and digital documentation, said Syscon-PlantStar

To bridge language barriers, Syscon-PlantStar's electronic tools, screenshots and reports are all available in English and Spanish; users can select their preference. Rebel Plastics' staff is fluent in English and Spanish.

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