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Amut Comi introducing new continuous multi station thermoformer at K 2016

Karen Laird

August 2, 2016

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Amut Comi introducing new continuous multi station thermoformer at K 2016

This year at K, Amut-Comi, the company created by the merger between the Amut and Comi divisions for thermoforming machines from reel, is showcasing its newest generation of thermoforming machines, called the ACF series.

Combining the characteristics of V and F series, the ACF 820 machine features a high level of standardization, durability and exceptional repeatability, says the company. The mold area is 840 x 650 mm. Available in off-line or in-line configuration with two, three or four stations, the high-speed machine offers flexible production for a wide range of articles, such as trays, lids, berry boxes, clamshells, nursery trays and plates. The machine can handle a variety of thermoplastic materials, including PET, APET, RPET, CPET, OPS, HIPS, PS, EPS, PP, PLA, PVC

The ACF series has a modular concept and is available in different configurations.

The 4-column forming station has a clamping force of 24,000 kg (servo plugs assist is included) which can be extended until 60.000 kg in case of in-mold cutting request. The punching station clamping force reaches 24,000 kg (4 station model) and for the 4-column cutting station, the clamping force is 60,000 kg.

The ACF 84 is equipped with a servo-driven up-stacker, although up- or down-stackers, a three-axis robot for robot stacking and customized special solutions are available on request to stack thermoformed parts with different nesting requirements. A precise individual heating element control for top and bottom ovens with open zone configuration is standard, although different heat oven configurations with power saving heaters are a possibility. The oven can be 1,950 mm long (3 steps) or 3,250 mm (5 steps in case of PP).

The forming and cutting presses are equipped with counterbalanced platens to increase the machine performances at high speed. This series of machines is completely servo driven and equipped with a new software for cycles control that, along with a HMI friendly use, guides the operator through the settings pages providing full diagnostic analysis.

The ACF machines can be integrated with a T-IML system (In-Mold Labelling for the thermoforming sector), based on a side entry robot to load labels inside the forming mold in order to decorate the articles. The use of steel rule cutting molds makes this T-IML even more competitive compared to the existing TIML systems based on punch and die mold, and to injection molding technology.

Visit Amut-Comi in Düsseldorf at hall 03, booth E40.

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