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The new facility features Frigel’s Intelligent Process Cooling System, which is key to the rapid development and production of quality prototype molds and parts.

Clare Goldsberry

April 25, 2017

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D6 Inc. ready to unveil new headquarters and thermoforming facility

D6 Inc., a manufacturer and “think-tank group” that specializes in food- and non-food packaging, announced the opening of its headquarters and thermoforming processing facility in Portland, OR. The 22,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art plant, which will be unveiled at an open house on May 25, 2017, features advanced intelligent process cooling from Frigel (East Dundee, IL). The system was designed specifically to support D6 Inc.’s ability to rapidly and cost-effectively produce quality prototype molds and parts.

“We pride ourselves in being the fastest production-grade prototyping company in the world, creating progressive concepts in a matter of hours compared with the monthly timeframes of our competitors,” said D6 Inc. President and CEO Edward Dominion. “Our unique capabilities, combined with our new facility, allow us to produce anywhere from 10 to 500,000-plus parts per month, per line, so that our clients are able to prove a concept at the store level within two to four weeks of the initial design phase.”

Dominion said D6 Inc.’s extensive knowledge of global and domestic consumer trends, as well as its advanced manufacturing processes and a talented team of employees, are central to the company’s rapid prototype and part production performance. D6 Inc.’s approach includes an algorithmic pricing model, along with proprietary design and rendering software and state-of-the-art-equipment.

Frigel developed the integrated process cooling system based on extensive analyses of the processes and associated cooling temperatures and requirements.

D6 Inc. is equipped with 11 thermoforming lines, each of which is capable of producing parts at 55 cycles per minute. The Frigel system is instrumental in that production rate; it includes an Ecodry 3DK central cooler with a patented closed-loop adiabatic central cooling unit that delivers clean process cooling water to machine-side Frigel Microgel Chiller/Temperature Control Units. 3PR control technology provides seamless Internet connectivity to building management systems.

3PR is the first control technology to offer Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity on process-cooling units, so that users can access crucial operating data, including temperatures, pressures, flow rates and energy use, said the company. Frigel North America service technicians can monitor and troubleshoot the system remotely from the Chicago area headquarters.

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