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February 1, 1999

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Product News - Cylindrical Tooling, Software New For Screen Printing Machines

Cylindrical Tooling, Software New For Screen Printing


pn22-99.jpgA screen printing machine manufacturer, Systematic Automation, has introduced a range of cylindrical tools, as well upgraded its PC-based user-interface software. For pricing information on these products, contact the company directly (see the Key Contact Directory).

Cylindrical tooling For cylindrical printing applications, the manufacturer's   series 810-C, F1-C and HLT flat/cylindrical presses can be fitted with a variety of arbor/mandrel fixtures giving these machines added flexibility.

The modular design of this tooling has yielded more than a dozen standard configurations with many more custom configurations possible, according to the firm.

Pictured is the manufacturer's Cylindrical Package #2 (1/2-in. friction drive arbor), which is designed primarily to print single-color applications. It can be upgraded to accommodate multicolor applications requiring manual, automatic or optical registration and inflation.

PN 3 2-99The arbor-tilt option (#B4) shown, can accommodate tapers up to 20 deg from center. All tooling elements are interchangeable and can be added at any time. Setups are accomplished 'in a matter of minutes.'

Software now has 'advanced' capabilities. The new interface prompts the user through the machine set-up process. Printing parameters, such as print speed, flood speed, UV curing exposure, print stroke length and other job history information is stored and can be recalled for repeating jobs.

Systematic Automation
Bloomfield, CT

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