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Through the partnership, Robomold will be the exclusive provider of AMS’ robotic plastic molding technology in North America.

Clare Goldsberry

February 2, 2021

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Image: Robomold Plastic Solutions

Robomold Plastic Solutions reports that it has partnered with AMS, a manufacturer of innovative robotics for plastics processors, and will be the exclusive provider of the robotic plastic molding technology for North America. A division of Gemini Inc., Robomold offers total manufacturing solutions for complex and high-value plastic parts and assemblies with its suite of rotational molding and thermoforming equipment.

Robotic plastic molding delivers high-precision heat and material control, allowing part designs to benefit from reduced materials consumption and finished part weight without sacrificing strength or durability. In-mold layering of different compounds and coatings enhance the technical properties of the most complex and high-value designs, explained Dan Sauber, Senior Product Manager, Robomold Plastic Solutions and Gemstar Manufacturing, a maker of custom hard cases.

Robomold’s exclusive robotic rotational molding technology offers an advanced technical solution for unique requirements, said the company, including the reliable, repeatable production of high-tolerance parts.

“Robomolding offers greater flexibility and control in the design and production of rotationally molded parts,” Sauber explained to PlasticsToday. “We can also automate parts of the process to help reduce overall manufacturing time and improve cycle times. Utilizing individual heating elements that are designed into the aluminum tools, robomolding allows for precise heating of different zones. Electric heating elements also eliminate the need for large heating and cooling chambers, thereby reducing energy consumption, creating a smaller footprint, and providing more-consistent, quality parts off the tool,” said Sauber.

The process also enables Robomold to manufacture more precise parts with greater complexity by closely controlling the heat distribution, allowing for thinner, more consistent wall thicknesses and reduced overall weight. This ability to better control wall thickness is a distinct advantage in that it allows for designed-in wall thickness variation in specific areas. Additionally, multi-layer parts are possible and practical with a wider range of polymers.

ITAR-certified Robomold Plastic Solutions provides product engineering support, tooling, and testing to demanding industry quality standards, including Mil Spec 810, Mil Spec 648, and IPX.

“Robomold Plastic Solutions is a uniquely qualified manufacturing partner with capabilities in part and tooling design, production and value-added modifications, and final testing and certifications,” said Sauber. “The addition of robotic molding furthers our ability to bring the most complex molded plastic designs to reality.”

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