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Goodyear Unveils All-Season EV Tire at CES 2024

The latest tire in Goodyear’s ElectricDrive line features a built-in sound barrier to reduce interior vehicle noise and asymmetric tread pattern to improve handling under wet and dry road conditions.

Stephen Moore

January 11, 2024

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Goodyear ElectricDrive 2 tire
Image courtesy of Goodyear

At a Glance

  • Tire is based on at least 50% sustainable materials by weight
  • Maintaining quiet ride and wet-road performance are top two desired features of EV owners
  • Long-lasting tread contributes further to reduced environmental burdens

Lacking an internal combustion engine to mask road noise, reducing cabin clamor in electric vehicles (EVs) is a key imperative for automakers. Aerodynamic design, acoustic insulation using plastics, and the adoption of anti-squeak compound formulations are some of the methods deployed to quieten the cabin, but a key noise-reduction strategy lies closer to the tarmac — the humble tire. 

According to recent consumer EV research conducted by the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., maintaining a quiet ride and wet-road performance are the top two features that EV owners look for when considering a tire. To meet these driver needs, Goodyear unveiled the latest tire in its ElectricDrive family at CES 2024 — the Goodyear ElectricDrive 2. The most recent iteration features SoundComfort technology, a built-in sound barrier that helps reduce interior vehicle noise, and an asymmetric tread pattern that provides confident handling under wet and dry road conditions. Further, an aerodynamic sidewall and innovative compound is employed to lower aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance.


The environmental tread print of the all-season EV tire is enhanced with sustainable materials, improved rolling resistance, and long-lasting tread life. The new ElectricDrive 2 is the latest step in Goodyear’s sustainability journey and contains at least 50% sustainable materials per tire by weight. These include soybean oil, rice husk ash silica, and sustainably sourced natural rubber.

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“With the continued adoption of EVs, we want to meet consumer and market needs with an updated EV replacement tire,” said David Reese, vice president of product development at Goodyear Americas. “We know EV drivers prioritize performance and a more-sustainable tire. The ElectricDrive 2 was designed with at least 50% sustainable materials [and] a focus on providing greater traction and maintaining a quiet ride.”

This all-season tire will be available beginning May 2024 in the United States and comes in 17 sizes designed to fit consumer EVs, including the Tesla Models Y, 3, and S; Ford Mustang Mach-E; Chevy Bolt; Audi Q4 e-tron; and more.

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