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May 1, 2002

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PET preform machine serves specialty markets

NP_Mir_Gefit_PET4.jpgThe PET Preform System (PPS) is a production unit for small- to medium-sized markets. The system is based on a 280-ton dual-injection press, a hot runner mold with 16 or 24 cavities, a four-station rotary manipulator for preform extraction and cooling, a line-cooling system, a material drying unit, a mold dehumidification device, and a central control.

The dual injection system with 90-mm-diameter screws (L/D 24) and Euromap 2707 injection units enables virtually constant mold feeding, while maintaining proper polymer processing time and intensity. One screw plasticates while the other feeds the mold. Intervals between shots are minimized and acetaldehyde levels are kept within specified limits. The four-station rotary manipulator on the side of the machine handles extraction and cooling. Cooling starts in the mold and continues on the robot for four cycles before preforms are released onto a conveyor and the robot picks up the next set. Using a 24-cavity mold for 26g preforms (suitable for half-liter water bottles) and running in 11-second cycles, production is about 7850 preforms/hr for a three-shift daily output of more than 188,000 units. All components of the PPS, from the outdoor chiller to the materials dryer, robotic manipulator, and mold dehumidification system, are set and controlled from the molding machine console. All ancillaries and machine drives are interconnected so that if a functional change occurs in an ancillary or machine drive, all other PPS components adjust accordingly. In case of malfunction or parameter violation, the whole system switches automatically to standby to prevent material and energy waste. To give even more flexibility to smaller producers, a PPS can be operated with only one of its injectors for different applications.

Mir USA Corp., Boston, MA
(978) 537-4792

Gefit SPA, Alessandria, Italy
+39 0131 204 411

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