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144-cavity mold up and running; small-diameter nozzles available144-cavity mold up and running; small-diameter nozzles available

August 23, 2008

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144-cavity mold up and running; small-diameter nozzles available

One of Husky?s new 144-cavity Micropitch preform molds (see photo) has found a home at Southeastern Container?s Enka, NC facility. The mold is in full production and is reportedly meeting or exceeding targets for cycle time, preform quality, and acetaldehyde (AA) levels.

The molds are designed to fit in Husky?s 600-ton G and X line machines. They?re said to provide significant gains over conventional PET systems with outputs increased by 50 percent over 96-cavity systems. The Micropitch is also the first mold to incorporate Husky?s latest hot runner technology, which features a leakproof design and a reduction in PET dust generation. The hot runners are also expected to extend typical maintenance intervals to as little as two years.

Also from Husky, its configurable Pronto hot runner product line has been expanded to include small-diameter 500 nozzles for improved gate access and additional flexibility for four-drop configurations. This expansion is said to give moldmakers more options for selecting the correct nozzle and layout for the application. These nozzles are available for thermal and valve-gated applications.

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