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Five must-see exhibits at NPE2015: IceTech

Although a necessary part of manufacturing, cleaning technologies for molding and extrusion systems is not a sexy topic. So, how do you get eyeballs at a show like NPE2015, where companies have set up entire production cells, when you're hawking cleaning products? Easy: Display a glorious Harley plastered with polyurethane packaging foam, a notoriously difficult material to remove.

Norbert Sparrow

March 19, 2015

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Five must-see exhibits at NPE2015: IceTech

"Behind the Harley, we have a video playing that shows the bike being covered in the foam and then the foam being removed with dry ice blasting," says Ellen Heini, who handles marketing for IceTech, a worldwide manufacturer of dry ice–blasting equipment. "The Harley demonstrates that, by using IceTech dry ice–blasting machines, equipment can be cleaned without damage. This is shown by the removal of the polyurethane from delicate components of the Harley, like the tires," explains Heini.

And just like that you're ready to talk about how dry ice blasting can effectively and safely clean molds, tooling, extruder screws and more without the use of hazardous chemicals or solvents. Find the company at booth S-20167.

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