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Injection molding: The top five from 2010

The injection molding industry worldwide had a comeback year in 2010, bouncing back from a dismal 2009, especially in developed countries. Many if not most players in the industry are hopeful that the upward trajectory will continue in 2011 but use the term cautious optimism to describe their feelings.

Rob Neilley

December 29, 2010

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Injection molding: The top five from 2010

Injection molding’s big positive story on the plus side for 2010 has to be the industry’s revival, which began in late 2009 and climaxed at the K 2010 fair in Germany at the end of October with far more molding technology, attendees, and optimism than anyone expected.

Another injection molding plus mark for 2010 is something that didn’t happen: The predicted shrinkage in the number of molders and moldmakers was far less than was forecast at the end of 2009 and in early 2010. Molders and moldmakers proved to be both tough and resourceful.

Here are five of the injection molding stories of note for 2010:

1. PlasticsToday Executive Roundtable: Beyond 'good enough'
As early as March 2010, 15 top plastics executives from across the American industry convened at the PlasticsToday Executive Roundtable, and agreed that the worst of the recession was already passed and that a bigger problem would be having enough skilled people to support future growth. 

2. Injection molding: ‘Major leap’ into plastics packaging market
At Arburg’s annual “Technology Days” event in the new Customer Center at its headquarters in Germany’s Black Forest, company officials notified the nearly 4000 attendees that the company was aiming to become a major player in the packaging sector, and then demonstrated the technology to back up that strategy.

3. Sales—and clamp force—on the rise at Wittmann Battenfeld
When the financially challenged injection machine maker Battenfeld was taken over by robotics/auxiliaries supplier Wittmann less than two years ago, many said its future was clouded. The clouds parted during an April open house in Austria as Wittmann Battenfeld detailed its ongoing. Then in October the company showed new technology at K 2010 including innovative all-electric and large-tonnage hybrid machines and a new generation of its micromolding system, now called Micro Power. Battenfeld returns.

4. Nissei develops PLA-specific molding machine range
In another sign of biomaterials’ emergence, injection molding machine manufacturer Nissei Plastic Industrial Co. Ltd. brought out a range of presses especially for processing polylactic acid (PLA), a plastic derived from plant starch. With molds and processing technology from a leading Japanese molding consultancy, the machines focus on processing high-heat grades of PLA, which to now has been very problematic.

5. Husky reaches supply deal with Toyo for new all-electric machines’ components, assemblies
In September, Canada-based Husky Injection Molding Systems disclosed it had a strategic supply agreement with Japan’s toyo Machinery and Metal Co. Ltd. and would source components and assemblies for its new—and first—all-electric molding machines. And the following month saw the all-electric H-PET AE preform system and the all-electric H-MED AE

Rob Neilley

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