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Montreal-based BioAmber Inc., a leader in renewable chemistry, recently celebrated the opening of its BioAmber Sarnia plant, a project that was jointly realized with partner Mitsui & Co., Ltd. The BioAmber Sarnia plant is the world's largest succinic acid production facility and will be globally competitive while making chemicals more sustainably; according to BioAmber, the Sarnia plant will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 210,000 tons per year relative to the petroleum-derived process, the equivalent of taking 45,000 cars off the road.

Karen Laird

August 7, 2015

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BioAmber opens world's largest succinic acid plant in Sarnia

The $141.5-million plant will annually produce 30,000 tons of succinic acid based on glucose from agricultural sugars, principally derived from southern Ontario’s agricultural community.

BioAmbr.jpgSuccinic acid is a “building block chemical” with common applications in the automotive and electronics industries, biodegradable plastics, paints and coatings, lubricants and as well as food-grade certified products. The demand for such renewable building block chemicals in large global markets is increasing steadily; in fact, over 50% of the production of the Sarnia plant has already been sold under take or pay contracts, and the remainder is committed to various customers under supply agreements.

"We're excited that our renewable chemicals made from sugars are making everyday applications around the world more sustainable,” said BioAmber CEO Jean-François Huc. “We believe our disruptive biotechnology is going to profitably deliver benefits for the environment, our customers, our shareholders and the Sarnia Lambton community."

BioAmber Sarnia is a fully integrated participant in the growing bio-industrial cluster in Sarnia Lambton and has received support from the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario through the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure's Strategic Jobs and Investment Fund. 

At the inauguration of the new plant, Brad Duguid, Member of Provincial Parliament Scarborough-Centre, Minister of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure said: "The opening of the BioAmber Sarnia facility is key to the development of Sarnia's very unique bio-industrial complex, delivering good jobs, significant exports, and diverse markets for Ontario farmers with the full support of the Government of Ontario. The production and development of sustainable chemicals by BioAmber, working from within the existing chemistry cluster in Sarnia, is an economic and environmental win for the community and the province."

BioAmber is also grateful for the support of Bioindustrial Innovation Canada and the Sarnia Lambton community. For Sarnia Lambton, BioAmber is a jobs and export story with the potential to attract other manufacturers here to co-locate. Approximately 300 construction and 60 full-time jobs were created by the BioAmber Sarnia project and approximately 18 of the plant operators are graduates of nearby Lambton College.

BioAmber Sarnia's financial partners include Export Development Canada, the Farm Credit Corporation and Comerica Bank.

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