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Gravimetric blenders process multiple materials

November 1, 2006

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Gravimetric blenders process multiple materials

The SGB series gravimetric blenders can be installed on injection molding machines, blowmolding machines, and extrusion lines for precise mixing of several types of material. The self-compensation and calibration function ensures accurate material percentages. A high precision electronic weighing scale is used to ensure precise weighing of every batch and ensure accuracy to +0.1%. Model selection is based upon the kinds of materials to be processed, with six models ranging from a dosing capacity of 80 up to 200 kg/hr.Features include an auto calibration program that runs after each material weighing to ensure accuracy, processing of up to four kinds of materials simultaneously, storing of up to 50 recipes, and an optional motor-driven auger feed that replaces the pneumatic discharging gate when dosing batches of less than 70g. Shini Plastics Technologies, Taipei, Tauwan; + 886-2-2680-9119, www.shini.com

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