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Husky completes acquisition of medical mold maker SchöttliHusky completes acquisition of medical mold maker Schöttli

In November, Canadian machine manufacturer Husky Injection Molding Systems announced that it was buying the Schöttli Group, the Swiss-based leader in medical and closure mold making. The deal was expected to close early December. Husky has announced that the acquisition had now been completed.

Karen Laird

December 20, 2013

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Husky completes acquisition of medical mold maker Schöttli

With this acquisition, Husky will gain a deeper knowledge in the select medical applications that Schöttli focuses, as well as gain the expertise to build the strongest melt delivery system in the medical market. In addition, Schöttli complements Husky's existing closures business and will extend the company's presence in established and emerging markets.

"By leveraging each other's strengths, we will have the opportunity to learn and grow our medical business," said John Galt, Husky's president and CEO. "Our knowledge in PET preform molding has been gained through a detailed understanding of our customers' needs at the tooling level. This similar approach was reflected in our purchase of KTW for closures, and now in the purchase of Schöttli for medical. We look forward to the advancements this development will bring to both our business and our customers."

In May 2011, Husky formally acquired KTW of Waidhofen, Austria, recognized as a global leader in closure mold making. This acquisition has enabled Husky to become a global presence in the closures market and the largest supplier of injection molding equipment for beverage closure manufacturing. 

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