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Leak detection for medical molders

August 23, 2008

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Leak detection for medical molders

A new automated leak detection system targeted primarily at the medical disposables industry is now available. The product is the first resulting from a joint venture between Innovative Products & Equipment (Lowell, MA) and Automated Assemblies Corp. The two companies joined forces in November 1999 to market and develop automation solutions for the injection molding industry.

Absolute, leak-free injection molded parts are critical in many applications in the medical disposable market, such as pipette loading, blood filter assembly, pregnancy tester assembly, and others. Parts are removed from the mold by an AZ-100 Series Servo Express robot with an AAC proprietary vacuum end-of-arm tool (EOAT). The removed parts are then placed in the receiving nest of the fully guarded Leak Detection System. Molded parts are tested with a high-voltage (20,000V) charge through an electrode placed inside each part. A round plate is positioned directly outside the part and checks for a completed circuit that would signal a leak. Rejected parts are immediately separated from the rest and removed from the process.

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