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April 1, 2003

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Nozzles target packaging and medical applications

NP_Ewikon.jpgVT Series nozzles have a compact valve gate designed for the packaging and medical industry. The nozzle is compatible with Ewikon?s standard HPS III-T externally heated manifold system. The valve gate is designed for close cavity spacing and enables the construction of compact multicavity valve gate molds. The needle drive of the NV03 is integrated in a compact system housing with a diameter of only 36 mm, allowing for minimum cavity spacing of 40 mm.

The valve gate is available with pneumatic needle operation in lengths from 32.5 to 152.5 mm for processing PE, PP, and PS. The systems are said to be balanced and streamlined, making possible shot weights of up to 15g with a maximum gate diameter of 1.5 mm.

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