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Partnership Aims to Improve Precision of Silicone Processing Data

A materials supplier and a developer of injection molding simulation software are pooling resources to bring added value to silicone processors.

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Image courtesy of Sigma Engineering

A recently announced strategic partnership between silicone supplier Momentive and Sigma Engineering, the maker of Sigmasoft injection molding simulation software, will add value for silicone processors, the companies noted in a press release.

Optimizing material data

The partnership aims to optimize material data available to processors as well as improve process simulation. “The challenge is to produce precision components with high requirements that simultaneously exhibit the highest thermal expansion and the greatest compressibility of all elastomers," said Sigma Engineering in the announcement. “The more precise the material data and understanding of the material, the better the predictions made by the simulation.”

Improved reliability of simulation results

Consideration of process parameters typically is not part of conventional material data, according to Sigma Engineering. Using data from real injection molding processing to refine and calibrate material specifications will improve reliability of the simulation results as well as the material data itself, the company said.

Synergies generated by the partnership will produce something larger than the sum of the two parts and offer added value to the silicone and silicone derivatives markets, according to Thomas Klein, managing director of Sigma Engineering.

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Far-reaching manufacturing potential

Holger Albrecht, vice president and head of the Elastomer Business Unit at Momentive, concurs. "The more precise the material data in liquid silicone rubber processing, the more accurate the simulation can be. This is certainly an advantage for companies in the silicone processing industry because there is potential for far-reaching optimizations in the manufacturing process."

Sigma Engineering’s signature virtual molding simulation software integrates multiple process-specific models and 3D-simulation technologies that are developed, validated, and continuously optimized. The more than 25-year-old company is based in Aachen, Germany.

Momentive supplies advanced silicones and specialty materials to a range of industries worldwide. The company is headquartered in Schenectady, NY.

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