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Resin dryer for medical molding applications

July 1, 2003

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Resin dryer for medical molding applications

PF_Dri_Air_medical.jpgThe Med-X Series of plastics dryers is designed specifically for the medical products industry, where plastic must be kept contaminate-free at all times. Stainless steel components are used throughout the MED-X Series in all areas of contact with the plastic or desiccant. The stainless steel material hoppers have mirror-finish interior surfaces. To further protect resin purity, the dryers include a HEPA filter for high-efficiency filtration of air to the hopper. Dried material is conveyed to the molding press with dry, clean air in a closed loop system.

The series features a four-bed design for fast drying with precise control. An advanced microprocessor control constantly adjusts the regeneration cycle in real time, based on processing rates and ambient conditions. This reportedly eliminates temperature spikes and wasted energy. Other features include an integrated loading system and capabilities for low- or high-temperature drying to accommodate exotic, difficult-to-process resins.

Dri-Air Industries Inc., East Windsor, CT
(860) 627-5110; www.dri-air.com

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