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'Smart' But Simple Reader And Upgraded Software

January 1, 2001

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'Smart' But Simple Reader And Upgraded Software

'Smart' But Simple Reader And Upgraded Software

jan01_08.jpgDVT Corp. has introduced a new,less-sophisticated vision systemfor two-dimensional bar code and alpha-numeric scanning, as well as upgraded its free FrameWork software for managing and operating the Series 600 SmartImage Sensor.

Both the SmartReader and the SmartImage are used for post-molding inspection applications.

Industrial reader The SmartReader is designed for OCR (optical character recognition), barcode and DataMatrix interpretation. Priced at $2995,the SmartReader is said to be 'feature-packed' and includes:

* An OCR tool that achieves absolute accuracy even in less than idealindustrial environments. Character voids and blemishes, poor lighting and background inconsistencies present no problems.

* Automatic identification anddata capture by reading bar codes to communicate coordinate information to motion control, SPC, HMI and PLC packages.

* Built-in communication capabilities like Ethernet and Modbus support allow data acquisition and simultaneous transmission for date/lot code verification, documentation, and part tracking. Profibus and DeviceNet are also available with DVT's optional SmartLink communication module.

"The SmartReader is simply a node on a network that captures information which is used to increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy in today's smart factory." says Bob Steinke, Chairman and CEO. "This ability to communicate is what makes it a 'smart' reader."

jan01_09.jpgUpgraded software FrameWork 2.1 software is DVT's latest software for managing and operating the Series 600 SmartImage CCD-based sensors. It also works with theSmartReader, above.

CCD-based sensors perform automatic identification and data capture by reading bar codes to deliver part tracking and inventory control; communicate coordinate information to robot and motion controllers for positioning and report inspection results to SPC software packages for quality assurance.

The upgraded software version includes new tools such as OCR, ObjectFind and Scripting, features that are claimed to allow SmartImage Sensors to have the functionalitynormally expected from a high-end vision system, but at a fraction ofthe cost.

FrameWork's new OCR SoftSensor is an industrial reading tool that is designed for bar code, serial number, label, character and symbol interpretation. It is said tobe more powerful and reliable than low-end readers, because it can handle scaled androtated characters, and isfully trainable to read symbols, foreign language characters and mixed font sets.

Other new and enhanced tools include:

* The SmartImage Sensor Emulator allows users torun the software offline for product development andeducational purposes, or to test and develop applicationswithout impacting the manufacturing process.

* ObjectFind is used to learn the shape of a part even when there are overlapping, partially occluded or multiple parts in an image.

* ScriptTool lets users develop specific algorithms and inspection criteria that can control processes and monitor status.

* SmartLink support (Sep '00 PA, p 20) allows images to be displayed from a SmartImage Sensor without the use of a PC.Circle 110

DVT Corp. - Norcross, GA

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