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ABS/PC offers strength, processabilityABS/PC offers strength, processability

August 23, 2008

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ABS/PC offers strength, processability

A new compound is said to offer high impact strength, easy processing, and good color stability. From Shuman Plastics, the ABS/PC 705 Black compound is targeted towards the electronics, building and construction, and consumer products markets.

Tested in compliance with ASTM methodology, the compound has a notched Izod impact strength of 9 ft-lb/in (±1.5 ft-lb/in) for a 1/8-inch section. The tensile strength is 7000 psi (±1000 psi) and the flex modulus is 350,000 psi (±30,000 psi). It has a specific gravity of 1.13 and a melt flow rate of 7 g/10 min (±3 g/10 min). Processing conditions of 460 to 530F are recommended as well as dehumidified drying for 3 to 4 hours at a minimum temperature of 175F and maximum temperature of 230F.

A trial sample can be obtained by contacting Shuman Plastics; pricing varies by application and market.

Shuman Plastics Inc.
Depew, NY
(716) 685-2121

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