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Boy adds optional sprue sorterBoy adds optional sprue sorter

November 1, 2005

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Boy adds optional sprue sorter

The injection molding machine maker now offers as an option a sprue sorting system on new versions of its Boy 22 and Boy 35 units. Sprues are separated from parts with no increase in cycle time, according to the manufacturer. The sprue sorters also can be easily retrofitted onto older Boy machines. The only requirement is to exchange the existing delivery chute for the new sorting system.

This sprue sorting system consists of a compact conveyor belt and an integrated sorting screw. Molded parts and sprues drop onto the conveyor belt and are conveyed onto an inclined plane, sliding towards a sorting screw. Its rotation transports the larger part (either sprue or molded part) into a container at the side. The smaller part passes under the screw and into another container. The separator is adjustable. Dr. Boy GmbH & Co. KG, Neustadt-Fernthal, Germany; Tel. +49-2683-3070; www.dr-boy.deSize reduction

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