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August 23, 2008

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Full stock recognition optimizes toolpaths

Geometry and toolpaths are linked in new CAD/CAM software released by CNC. The Mastercam Lathe version 8 allows users to update toolpaths with the click of a mouse when model or tooling information is changed. Users can drag and drop parameters, toolpaths, and tool definitions from one operation to another, and create a library of common operations to apply to models.

New stock recognition is also incorporated into the software. Each turning operation reviews any prior operations and generates a toolpath only for the actual as-cut stock that is left. For example, if a user center-drills and then faces a part, Mastercam will only create a facing operation for the area left after the drill cycle is complete. Other new features include easier grooving tools, multiple contouring, and automated tools that simplify part cutting without creating additional geometry. Translators for IGES, Parasolid SAT, DXF, VDA, CAD, STL, and ASCII formats are included at no extra charge.

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