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Golden machines won't cost a fortune

April 1, 2006

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Golden machines won't cost a fortune

Molding machine maker Arburg is using the 50th year of its existence to inject a new machine into the market. Due to its time zone, Plastindia saw the first unveiling of the latest machine from Arburg-the Golden Edition. By making many erstwhile options standard and reducing the number of true options to around 20, Arburg has realized a machine that will be priced about 20% less than its current range. The machine is available in five clamping tonnages ranging between 50 and 200 tonnes, each with fixed clamping force/injection unit combinations. According to Helmut Heinson, managing director, sales, these are "dedicated to the Asian market." One of the machines will be displayed by the firm at this month's Chinaplas exhibition.

The machine was unveiled the later the same day-Feb. 14-to a largely German audience at a gala event at the firm's Black Forest headquarters, and the reception from the European attendees also proved positive. The family-owned manufacturer says its 2005 results were comparable with those of 2004, and that it hopes the new jubilee machine will lead to a considerable leap in sales.

The new machine range is hydraulically powered and includes Arburg's Selogica direct control. These controls are easy to navigate and to see, with a 15-inch flatscreen with a touchscreen user interface. Arburg says it will build these machines to order but can get to a certain stage in advance, then add customers' options, so that the time from order to shipping may be as little as two weeks. So as to not compete with Arburg's established machinery, the lower-cost Golden Edition machines will not be available as two-component machines.

The Golden Edition Allrounder machines are the first to feature new Allrounder U fast-switching valve technology. The servo-controlled hydraulic drive works with two pumps so that machine movements are kept short, saving cycle time.

Available options include an interface for robotic systems and temperature control devices, a sorter unit for quality assurance, and a core pull.

To a large extent, the injection units have been adopted from the new Allrounder U machine range. In addition to the 800 injection unit from the Allrounder C, four other injection units are also used: injection units in the sizes 70, 170, 290, and 400 can be equipped with screw diameters from 18-55 mm, facilitating moldings sized from 2-424g (polystyrene). The safety guard is open at the top, which allows free vertical access to the machine. Arburg GmbH & Co. KG, Lossburg, Germany; +49-7446-33-0; www.arburg.com

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