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September 1, 2006

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Hot runner with two heating circuits

D F Gold Series hot runner systems incorporate two separate heating circuits in each nozzle heater. If a single heater circuit fails, production can continue uninterrupted, and the design allows for easy heater replacement during a planned maintenance period. A second heater thermocouple can also be added to provide another level of redundancy. Heater dimensions remain consistent with the previous-generation heater, allowing simple upgrades for previous-generation hot runner systems.

Several new tip designs have been added for increased application flexibility. All tips have a proprietary coating for wear resistance. A Color Seal feature eases color changes by trapping the old color in the gate well area where it can be removed between color changes. Ceramic manifold insulation decreases heat transfer from the system to the mold, reducing energy consumption and increasing thermal consistency across the melt delivery system.

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