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New heat-transfer fluid replaces biphenyl-based fluidsNew heat-transfer fluid replaces biphenyl-based fluids

August 23, 2008

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New heat-transfer fluid replaces biphenyl-based fluids

The new Xceltherm LV series of heat-transfer fluids offers an alternative to biphenyl-containing fluids to meet internal and external environmentally mandated goals, and according to the manufacturer, does so without a drop-off in performance. This new fluid, comprised of stable mixtures of 1, 1, diphenylethane, and diphenyl oxide, reportedly has nearly equal the thermal stability as biphenyl-based fluids and has slightly better heat transfer properties. Xceltherm LV reportedly can eliminate operational setup costs and potential liabilities typically associated with spills, as well as reduce disposal costs required for the biphenyl-based fluids. In addition, the new fluid has a lower crystallizing point for easier startup and shutdown. Xceltherm LV is compatible with existing nonbiphenyl fluids and, according to the manufacturer, can offer a 15 to 25 percent increase in heat-transfer efficiency and better thermal stability than competing fluids used in the range of 600F to 660F. Pricing is ?competitive? with existing fluids.

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