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Oil pans possible with new PA6

August 23, 2008

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Oil pans possible with new PA6

A 60% glass-filled grade of PA6 from Lanxess (Pittsburgh, PA), Durethan DP BKV 60 EF H2, may be the answer to an all-plastic oil pan, according to company sources. The new material has an unusually high elastic modulus (19,000 MPa at room temperature), more than twice that of the standard 30% filled grade of this material.

Says Ralf Zimnol of Lanxess Semi-Crystalline Products, ?If the material is processed on an existing tool normally used for Durethan BKV 30 H2, the final component will have more than twice the stiffness. If the designer opts for a component of the same weight as the 30% filled product, the stiffness is still around 80% higher. Basically, by significantly reducing the wall thickness, it is possible to make components that are less expensive and lighter in weight than their counterparts of standard polyamide 6, but still have the same mechanical performance.?

In simulations, Lanxess engineers have shown that highly integrated engine oil pans can be made from this material, expanding the concept to include self-supporting pans subjected to much higher dynamic and mechanical loads.

Currently, Lanxess has various development projects with European transmission and engine manufacturers as well as OEMs.?MM

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