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Robust runnerless system controlRobust runnerless system control

August 23, 2008

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Robust runnerless system control

Intuitive, full-color touch-screen operation is a key feature of the new Model 357-e hot runner control from Orycon Control Technology (Ocean, NJ). The control is easy to learn and is built to last with an all-metal construction?a company standard.

A 12-zone unit measures 6 by 6.5 by 24 inches without the stand. A 96-zone unit measures just 18 by 24 inches, and stands 64 inches tall. Power ratings for the units range up to 15A per zone.

A new fuzzy-logic algo-rithm identifies the requirements for the characteristics of each zone. Power is applied in accordance with the anticipated response. Line voltage variations are factored into the control parameters, and they are model predictive, rather than PID. ?This ain?t your father?s hot runner control,? says Sal Benenati, Orycon Control Technology?s president.

All zone information is displayed on the full-color touch screen, and any changes can be entered individually or globally. You can zoom in on a selected zone for quick visual checks from a distance. It continuously monitors po-tential mold problems, and diagnostic conditions are displayed, together with amp draw, percentage of power used, and all the other useful information you?ll ever need.

The new Orycon control also continually refines the level of power used at each zone and memorizes the resulting values. In the event of thermocouple failure during a production run, the zone is automatically switched to the percentage of power in memory, keeping the cavity in production.
Alternatively, by using the system?s link mode, the Model 357-e can be set up to allow the thermocouple of a selected zone to simultaneously control one or more zones. What?s more, its global setting (copy) mode lets you simultaneously set multiple zones.

Job profiles can be labeled and stored for later recall using its on-screen keyboard. The Model 357-e can easily be switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius calibration. And, if you have to pause your molding run to perform mold or press adjustments, a Park mode automatically drops all setpoints to a low setting so that the resin in your runnerless system doesn?t degrade?a feature that significantly reduces the restart time.

The Model 357-e is capable of communicating with other machines and PCs for SPC and production control purposes. Control cables and connectors are available to suit any of your applications. ?CK

Orycon Control Technology Inc.

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