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An Insider’s Guide to Resin Pricing

White-paper-An Insider’s Guide to Resin Pricing

aydinmutlu/iStock via Getty Images and Canva An Insider’s Guide to Resin Pricing
Experts share insights on the forces that drive resin pricing and how to navigate the market to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal.

Keeping just the right supply of plastic resin at just the right price is both a science and an art. Tracking market cycles is tricky under the best of circumstances. Add an array of variables — including a pandemic, inflation, interest rates, weather, and geopolitics to the mix — and being a savvy resin shopper becomes an exercise in keen observation and deft purchasing.

Industry experts who monitor resin prices closely on a daily basis will tell processors that, particularly regarding polyethylene, watching the market has become an increasingly important activity as resin production capacity has increased and producers have more inventory to manage. For this primer on what drives resin pricing and how to navigate the market, PlasticsToday consulted some of the top market watchers for their insights to help manufacturers become smarter purchasers while understanding the forces that drive resin prices.

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