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Hot News in Plastic Packaging Sustainability

Article-Hot News in Plastic Packaging Sustainability

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Recycling rates and the future of plastics, flex-pack options in advanced recycling and biodegradables, magnetic inks for recycling, sustainable closures, renewables research.

The amount of news related to sustainable packaging developments is overwhelming.

In fact, the majority of content posted at PlasticsToday involves sustainability in some way. Yet there are as many features we publish as there are opportunities for more. That’s the idea behind this regularly updated newsfeed of Tweets that center on plastics’ recycling, bioplastics, and other closely related news, issues, and innovations surrounding circularity for the last two months. You can see the content in the last archived month at Hot News in Plastic Packaging Sustainability September 2021.

Recycling rates and the future of plastics.

Bugs are evolving to eat plastics.

pFIBRE’s vision for biodegradable films.

Emerging methods of advanced recycling to rethink flex-pack circularity.

Magnetic inks can optimize recycling sortation of packaging.

Caps and closures driven by three sustainability options.

Research to develop recyclable plastic packaging solely from renewable resources gains funding.

SCScertified as the first accredited Recycled Material Standard (RMS) certification body.

One brand, 500,000 bottles removed from the ocean.

Suntory Group vs. @CocaCola: Game on for bottles made from plants.

Cadbury’s vegan chocolate wrapped in bioplastic packaging.

Coffee oil turned into bioplastic.

Morrisons first supermarket to own a recycling operation.

Amazon pledges to cut use of plastic packaging.

$350 million for recycling infrastructure isn’t enough.

NextLOOPP welcomes Aptar to PP circularity scheme.

Sealed Air, SABIC, Tesco, team for advanced recycled plastic.

Reuse and recycle initiative for plastic can carriers.

Savoury Snacks Europe signs flexible packaging agreement.

Covestro, Pitt Launch Circular Economy Grad Program.

Amcor’s 50-ml PET redesigned for recyclability.

Closed Loop Partners on molecular recycling.

Berry Global goes big in advanced recycling.

Nova Chemicals agreement with Circulus for rPE.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation #GlobalCommitment update.

Covestro creates Circular Economy Program with University of Pittsburgh

Glenroy’s TruRenu store drop-off pouches.

Redesigning residential recycling.


Meijer parking lot made from bags using Dow’s advanced recycling.




BarrierGuard OxygenSmart bottles gain How2Recycle designation.

CalPoly’s plastic waste-to fuel research using catalytic pyrolosis.

Details on successful food-plastic sortation/recycling pilot.

Recycling lines kept running through COVID.

@AmChemistry sponsors upcoming Chemical Recycling conference.

Microbes can reduce ocean plastics:

Reusable Tupperware containers for Tim Horton’s:

10 advanced recycling technologies for flexible packaging:

Nova Chemical’s PCR film recycling milestone.


















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