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October 1, 1999

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Interactive Training For Injection Molders

Interactive Training For Injection Molders

PN__5-10Paulson has two new interactive training programs for injection molders: Skill-Builder, which combines traditional courseware with simulation training and Efficient Mold Setting, a course focused on handling an injection mold.

SkillBuilder combines the company's interactive courseware from the Practical Injection Molding series (Module 1 - Basic Injection Molding) and the simulation technology, which allows users to immediately apply what they learn in the courseware in 'real-world' simulated situations.

The program runs on Pentium PCs and requires 16 MB of RAM, 50 MB of available hard drive space and a sound system. If you already have the Practical Injection Molding series, the cost of the additional CD is $2495. If you need to purchase the entire program, the cost is $7495.

Handling injection molds efficiently and safely is the focus of Efficient Mold Setting, a course consisting of two CD-ROMs. The program looks at how to avoid damaging a mold during transportation, installation, start-up, production and maintenance.

Lesson 1 explains procedures for transporting, installing and setting up injection molds and describes in detail the safety procedures involved when moving the mold from a storage area to the machine and the installation between the platens.

Lesson 2 describes potential mold problems that can occur during operation, as well as the procedures for machine shutdown, mold removal, maintenance and proper storage.

The course is available for $1995 and includes five study guides and a leader's guide. 

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