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The center in Haslach, Germany, is equipped with more than a dozen injection molding machines for customer trials and training.

Bruce Adams

October 26, 2021

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Engel molding machine at Barnes tech center
Image: Barnes Molding Solutions

Barnes Molding Solutions announced the opening of its 15,000-square-meter Customer Technology Center in Haslach, Germany, on Oct. 21. The center features the complete suite of the company’s brands and is open for visitors.

Located at the Foboha manufacturing headquarters, the center was renovated from existing space and showcases several end markets, including automotive, medical, packaging, and electronics.

Foboha supports the center with 13 injection molding machines that feature a range of technologies to support customers, Jessica Poliner, President of Barnes Molding Solutions, told PlasticsToday.

The Engel Duo 2700/17060 injection molding machine is the newest addition to the facility, Poliner said. The Engel press was selected because of its capacity and performance and because it can accommodate a variety of injection molds, allowing Barnes Molding Solutions to feature its broad spectrum of capabilities to customers.

Engel injection molding machine at Barnes Molding tech center

The Engel Duo 2700/17060 injection molding machine at the Barnes Molding Solutions tech center expands the applications envelope for customers.

At the center, customers will have access to the advanced family of hot-runner technology through Synventive’s Dynamic Feed pressure control system and Synflow pin control technology, molding multiple parts of varying sizes in one cycle. The machine also will be equipped with a Gammaflux temperature controller and Priamus pressure sensors to demonstrate process improvements offered through advanced control technology.

“The new Engel Duo 2700/17060 enlarges the application range, especially for large-size parts,” Poliner said. “The new machine is ready for special applications like injection compression molding as well as physical foaming.”

The Customer Technology Center also features cube technology machines operating around the clock, and ongoing validation and testing of customer molds, she added. The new center expands Barnes Molding Solutions’ testing and training capacity globally. There are additional testing facilities in Atlanta, GA; Peabody, MA; Bahlingen, Germany; and Suzhou, China.

“The new Customer Technology Center is a hub for our customers to have hands-on experience with our industry’s most innovative products and solutions,” said Poliner. “Another important function of this center is to offer training to members of our industry to ensure our talent supporting the businesses is as advanced as our technology. The top priority of all Barnes Molding Solutions businesses is to be an integrated partner for our customers, and this facility is an important tool to bring further added value to [them].”

Initially the company will be offering customer-specific training based on Barnes Molding Solutions technology and application needs.

The company has been offering training to its customers, suppliers, and team members at its headquarters. Most of the training has gone online because of the pandemic, but the Customer Technology Center opened its doors to facilitate in-person learning for smaller groups, the company said. Hot runner, preventive maintenance, design, and digital controller training programs are available, as well as a mold academy course.

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