Molder Spotlight: Dordan’s deep dive in thermoforming

PlasticsToday presents its second in a continuing series of exclusive plastic packaging manufacturer interviews. This time we turn the spotlight on Dordan Manufacturing Co. Inc. (Woodstock, IL), a family-owned and operated custom thermoformer of highly engineered products and packaging across a diverse base of customers and industries. Chandler Slavin, sustainability, marketing, & account manager, answers a range of questions about the company’s markets, opportunities, pain points and “wild card” factors.

Chandler Slavin of Dordan Mfg.What makes Dordan unique?

Slavin: Dordan stands apart because of our corporate culture and strategy, which are intimately interwoven. We are privately held by second-generation CEO & President, Daniel Slavin. We are run by the same management team that have run the company from its infancy in a storefront in Chicago to the sophisticated design and production house it is today. Thus we respect where our expertise lies and continue to invest in these core capabilities. Engineering-based thermoform design, high quality production, labor efficiency, inventory management, and customer service is where we excel, and where we invest to evolve.

What are your key product markets and geographical areas?

Slavin: As custom thermoformers, we cater to a diverse customer base across a wide range of industries. We service clients in the healthcare, cosmetics, housewares, hardwares, electronics, consumer products, and sporting goods industries; we also develop thermoformed solutions for companies in the automotive, transportation, automation and assembly, industrial, and fabrication industries. We service many countries in the North American, Western Europe, and international markets. The common thread that runs through all of our clients is the priority for well-designed and highly engineered thermoformed parts that are quality produced in quick turn times at competitive pricing.

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What’s driving Dordan's growth?

Slavin: Increased consumer confidence and spending has driven growth in the consumer goods sector; likewise, gains in the automotive industry have fueled our OEM automotive business. Dordan continues to grow its healthcare packaging portfolio, due to our aforementioned core capabilities of design and production excellence, and the continued development of new devices requiring thermoformed packaging. We’ve witnessed an increased demand in fragility packaging, or thermoformed packaging like dunnage trays, which serve to protect a product during shipment through intelligent structural design features.

We anticipate these markets continuing to grow, assuming the economic trajectory of the consumer goods, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and automotive sectors don't substantially deviate from the projections of analysts. As custom thermoformers, our markets are diversified, reducing the risks associated with being a dedicated market supplier.

What’s your most recent new product?

Slavin: Dordan has been collaborating with a national beverage company on the design and development of a shipping/Retail Ready tray that allows the customer to remove the product from cold storage with little effort. This solution reduces the customer’s supply chain waste, optimizes supply chain efficiency, better protects the product through shipping and handling, and enhances consumer convenience. We have applied for a patent with this customer and look

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