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Low-profile center-drive conveyors for material handling

The 250 Series center-drive line of conveyors combines a center drive and a low profile of 1.89 inches, allowing the conveyors to be used in tight quarters. With a load carrying capacity of 630 lb and speeds up to 360 ft/min, the conveyors are ideal for many material handling applications. Belt widths of 2-24 inches are available, in lengths from 4-28 ft. A unique snap-in sealed tail assembly allows belts to be changed in less than 5 minutes (regardless of belt length or width) using standard hand tools. Multipoint belt tensioning ensures long service life of belts and bearings while moving the heaviest loads in low-profile conveyors.

The conveyors are ideal for use in packaging lines, precision manufacturing environments, and for transporting product around the plant?especially with injection molded parts where height is a concern. Fixturing can be added to properly orient parts to speed processing at adjacent stations. Controls can also be added for precision positioning of the belt for automated processing or assembly.

Conveyor frames are laser cut from 10-gauge steel, which is then powder coated. Bearings can be lubricated while running, decreasing maintenance downtime. Application specific belting is available in over 50 styles. Corrosion resistant and magnetic conveyors are also available. A wide variety of accessories, including sides, guides, mounts, stands, drive packages, and controls allow the conveyors to adapt to virtually any application.

QC Industries LLC, Cincinnati, OH
(513) 753-6000
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